Chuck Kelly has been self employed as a State Farm Insurance Agent since 2001.  The foundation of his business is based on community, relationships, and making a difference. Chuck is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc and coaches varsity football at Hamilton High School.

​What experiences in your past led you on a road to philanthropy?

I had been on several non-profit boards over the years and was becoming disenchanted with the politics, red tape, and processes.  I was having a disconnect with a growing emphasis on board titles behind appointee names and less emphasis on the work that needed to be done. I also wanted more of a voice on how and where the money would be spent in the community.
What makes REAP giving and/or membership unique?

I absolutely loved the idea of a grassroots movement of pooling our money together and leveraging it in the community to support causes we collectively believe in.  I love the fellowship, unity, and pride we share together knowing we are making a difference.

​Who do you see benefits the most from REAP membership?

Feeling a part of community and leaving a legacy creates a sense of pride and fellowship that can be contagious.  I benefit personally from my membership by being around such positive, successful, like minded men that make me want to be better in all facets of my life.