REAP, an acronym for Real Engagement through Active Philanthropy, is a philanthropic giving circle that enables its members to make investments in community-based civic organizations, social justice initiatives, education, and job readiness training.

At the time of its founding, no group existed in Phoenix that had a with a specific mission to engage Black men in philanthropy. REAP saw the need to fill this void and committed to giving back. Simply put, REAP ensures black dollars are being reinvested within the black community.

Members of REAP donate their own money or time to a pooled fund, and collectively decide to make investments in a way that increase awareness of and engagement to support local issues largely affecting the African American community.

Together, the giving circle’s members accelerate the growth in assets through both a Charitable Giving and Endowment Funds with their contributions. The Arizona Community Foundation administers the funds with careful management, and with over $70M total awards in 2020 spanning grants and scholarships.

REAP aspires to set an example of what collective giving can achieve and creating positive social impact for its community members.

REAP is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

REAP Founders

REAP was founded by four visionary leaders who were inspired to create new on-ramps to philanthropy in communities that historically have not participated in philanthropy, while leveraging social, intellectual and financial capital to develop collective influence.

``The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.``

Vince Lombardi

Become a philanthropist and leave a legacy.

Giving circles provide the opportunity to contribute to a common cause, capitalizing on the strength of collaboration and the power of endowment.