REAP has established two funds to facilitate charitable giving today as well as for our future.

The Charitable Giving fund is the vehicle to deliver financial support to organizations within the fiscal year. The process is managed by the Grants Committee which is over seen by the Executive Committee, which ensures to the norms and bylaws that govern our grant making process and organization as a whole.

The Endowment fund is our larger trust that is stored in the bank in order to keep and grow the capital, which allows us greater giving capabilities by using interest, for example. This fund ensures REAP’s sustainability and allows the trustees more flexibility on where to direct their efforts and resources in the days ahead.

Through the REAP funds and other strategic partnerships, we will leave a legacy of giving for future generations by reinvesting in and strengthening our communities.

Members determine which organizations and programs to support in the following areas:

  • Professional Development
  • Education
  • Social Justice
  • Entrepreneurship


Members of REAP can commit to an annual contribution of $500 or $1,000 to support grant making and building the endowment fund. The commitment levels are designated as Harvester and Cultivator. Based on demand, we have created and added a unique category that appeals to individuals that believe in our mission but can’t participate in REAP’s regularly scheduled meetings and events.

And lastly, Friends of REAP are men and women of any ethnic background interested in supporting REAP’s mission by contributing in any amount.

All gifts to REAP are treated as charitable donations to a public charity and are tax deductible as allowed by law and subject to individual limitations. Members can choose to fulfill their commitment in a one-time payment or monthly installments using electronic processing.

  • Cultivators Leadership Society Membership – $500
  • Harvest Leadership Society Membership – $1,000
  • Legacy Membership – $2,500

REAP Grant Recipients

  • Abolish Private Prisons
  • Arizona Guide Right Foundation
  • Black Mothers Forum
  • Career Leadership Development Program, Inc.
  • Future Stars
  • Hustle PHX
  • Lights, Camera, Discover
  • Seed Spot
  • Sounds Academy
  • Sphinx Education Fund
  • Strong TIES
  • Support My Club
  • TigerMountain Foundation

Become a philanthropist and leave a legacy.

Giving circles provide the opportunity to contribute to a common cause, capitalizing on the strength of collaboration and the power of endowment.